Spector 510 Bainbridge. Phila., PA 19147

Philadelphia Complaint Choir
Joining forces with First Person Arts we created our city's
contribution to the Complaint Choirs of the World
Performances November 1 -12, 2008
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©2008 Ron Tarver Beginning in late summer of
2008, we sent volunteer canvassers out into Philadelphia neighborhoods to collect complaints.

Listen to a complaint.

With our custom designed uniform we hit the streets and asked people, "What's wrong?"

©2008 Ron Tarver

Responses were mixed to both the question and the project. Canvassers went around
Center City, Old City...

...West Philly and Art Museum area. We also asked people if they wanted to join the choir.

©2008 Bruce Sheftel

We scheduled a workshop for everyone who wanted to be in the choir to meet and eat.

©2008 Bruce Sheftel

We broke up into four groups, led by volunteer Complaint Captains. Each group had fifteen minutes to use the collected complaints to put together a song using the original music our composer, Evan Solot had written for us.

©2008 Bruce Sheftel Evan Solot led each group as they presented their version of the song.

Evan Solot and Shelley Spector worked on the final draft of the song. We scheduled three rehearsals for the choir.

©2008 Bruce Sheftel The first week about
forty singers showed up.

Word got out about the choir
and every week it grew larger.
(Except when the Phillies
were in the World Series)

By our first performance, the choir membership was about seventy people.
©2008 Mark Stehle We sang in the center of Rittenhouse Square...
©2008 Bruce Sheftel We sang outside a mall...
©2008 Bruce Sheftel and performed two more times that day, walking from one concert to the next.
We sang in Love Park.
We sang in the train station.
©2008 Bruce Sheftel Our stage debut at the
Painted Bride Art Center was
also our final performance.
©2008 Bruce Sheftel The audience wanted more.
Since we only have one song,
we sang it twice.

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